Group Tickets

Group Consignment Tickets

Offer your clients, members or employees a day at Austin Aquarium.

Everyone enjoys a day at The Austin Aquarium and many businesses offer our Consignment Tickets to help reward their members and employees. Whether a credit union, hotel, union, or employee benefit The Austin Aquarium Consignment Ticket Program is a great way to offer a day at the aquarium at a discount.

How It Works

  • Complete a Consignment Agreement Form and email it to our office.
  • Get your initial starting quantity of tickets.
  • A minimum of 20 ticket sales is required to participate.
  • We can provide you with free colored posters, flyers.
  • Simply sell or distribute the tickets to your employees, members, clients, etc.
  • Return unused tickets and receive full credit.
  • The final balance due is determined by the total number of tickets you have received minus the number of tickets you return by the due date (or the minimum of 20 tickets).
13530 N. Hwy 183 #101
Austin, TX 78750

Hours :
Sunday - Thursday | 10AM - 7PM
Friday - Saturday | 10AM - 8PM
New Year's Day | 11AM - 8PM
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