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underwater view with hundreds of species!
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Experience Thousands of Species and Interactive Exhibits …for Kids and Families Austin Aquarium has become embedded in the community of the city for over four years now, and we’ve loved every second we’ve been able to provide once in a lifetime experiences with thousands of Species and interactive exhibits for kids and families.
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Thousands of Species

Among the exhibits featured throughout the aquarium are a wide variety of amphibians, an interactive lorikeet and parakeet aviary, and a variety of cold water and tropical fish. Also, Austin Aquarium features sharks, a stingray touch tank, a rainforest with hundreds of reptiles and our newest additions to the family, Ring Tail Lemurs and Coatimundis!

Interactive Exhibits

The Austin Aquarium provides children and families access to the excitement and learning opportunities of the ocean without the long trip to the coast. Guests can watch jellyfish gently float and glow and admire the bright and colorful corals without leaving Austin’s city limits.

Experience and INTERACT
WITH Thousands of Species
13530 N. Hwy 183 #101
Austin, TX 78750
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